Our Playbook

The key to any winning formula is utilizing data to produce a solution that is sure to hit your business’s goals out of the park. At 23 Marketing, we work with you to understand your marketing needs and develop a strategy that delivers results. No plan is foul-proof, which is why we pride ourselves on monitoring campaigns’ success and adjusting our strategies to ensure success for our clients.

Our Services


Our team can produce engaging copy for a wide variety of marketing and advertising channels.

Video Production

From pre-production to shooting and editing, we’ll bring your vision to life with a one-of-a-kind video that is sure to be a slam dunk.

Radio Production

With a background in broadcast, our team can help create audio content for on-air interviews, commercials, and more.

Graphic Design

Grab a front row seat as our creative team unveils eye-catching and effective materials to support your marketing and advertising goals.


Choose from our roster of photography experts to capture high-quality images for your next project.

Email Campaign Design and Management

Our multifaceted approach to email marketing will drive results, leading to higher open and click through rates.

Website Management

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or just need some help to cross the finish line, our website services blend on-brand visuals with proven SEO-techniques.

Social Media Management

Grow your audience and increase engagement with a customized social media strategy.

Digital Advertising Management

Target key audiences through tried-and-true digital advertising channels with custom graphics and copy that reflect your brand.

Press Release Development

Take your public relations efforts to the next level with help from our team of skilled copywriters.

Content Development

From flyers to blog posts, our wide range of content development solutions will capture attention and keep your brand top of mind.

Content Management

Organize, create, and publish your digital content with a unified content management system.

Traditional Advertising Management

Billboard, Print, Radio and TV still play a role in many marketing plans. We'll help you determine the right platform and use our local, regional, national and international buying power to make your plan more efficient.

Our Strategies Include Data-Informed Decisions Using:


Identify key words or phrases to ensure your message is delivered to the appropriate audience through search engines, mobile apps, videos, and more.


Track the real-time success of your campaigns designed to capture the attention of consumers through customized ads and audience preferences.


Tap into powerful location-based marketing strategies by pinpointing your customers through virtual perimeters.


Deliver ads to potential consumers by using the historical location of data from devices such as smartphones.

Social Media Advertising

Increase conversations and drive traffic to your website by engaging with audiences through various social media channels.

Digital Communication

Connect with users directly on their phones, laptops, or tablets through a myriad of digital channels, including e-mail, video, and more.

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