Our Roster

Founded by Tony Morino, a 15-year veteran of the industry, 23 Marketing is well-equipped to deliver proven solutions to your business’s marketing and communications needs. Tony has served as a key marketing strategist for many large organizations across the northeast, including hospitals, medical management groups, accounting firms, banks, transportation companies, manufacturers, and tourism industries.


23 Marketing brings together stand-out players in the marketing and communications industry. Our roster includes expert strategists, analysts, graphic designers, copywriters, social media specialists, and public relations professionals. 


Tony Morino

President & CEO


Ryann Hannigan

Vice President

Victoria Fini

Marketing Coordinator

Haley Myruski

Marketing Coordinator

Sydney Kirk

Marketing Coordinator


Danielle Feroli

Vice President


Kelly Brower

Graphic Designer

Nicole Feller

Senior Campaign Strategist

Rachel Spontak

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Maggie Baer

Associate Marketing Coordinator

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